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Transitions: The Transformational Guide and Workbook

Transitions: The Transformational Guide and Workbook

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This workbook gives you a plan to take care of yourself. Use it over and over to find balance and keep yourself as healthy as possible. This is a manual you can use, whether you are healthy or ill or somewhere in between to help rebalance your mind, body and spirit to become the whole person you can be!



This is the culmination of years of Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac. clinical work. It gives you “tools” to use when and where you need them. It helps to evaluate where you are in your journey and offers ways to get you exactly where you want to be!



This journal helps you to express your feeling and then understand them. It shows you the relationship between your emotions and your health. This workbook also helps to bring equilibrium back into your physical health. Learn how to understand your body and how your individual needs for rebalancing can be met. Finally, your connection to your spiritual body will be revealed. You will learn to understand the mind/body relationship, how to be inspired by the alignment with your Highest Spiritual Principle and by that awareness, choose Truth.




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