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Desert Jasper Tumblestone

Desert Jasper Tumblestone

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Considered the “stone of fire”, Desert Jasper AKA:  Polychrome Jasper, is known to spark and re-energize your life and it’s true passions!  It encompasses the element of the desert and fire energies, such as passionate emotions, the birth of ideas, concepts and the power of physical energy.  Jasper, in general is the stone of grounding, balancing and stable energies.  Desert jasper is enhanced by its opulent color patterns and spectrum of minerals, which give it is extra drive, exuberance, and vitality.  It’s fire element embraces the energy of heat, action, emotion and sex.  It allows us to both sides of your emotional spectrum, which is feel alive and potent as well as, reckless and destructive.


Large stone measuring 3/4″ to 1 1/4″.  Each stone is different and unique.


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