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Aquamarine Tumblestone

Aquamarine Tumblestone

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This stone has the calming, soothing energy of the sea.  This is the stone of courage. Tranquilizing, uplifting, openness, innocence, lightheartedness, creativity, communication, self-awareness, confidence, purpose.  Throat ChakraSacral Spleen ChakraHeart Chakra.  Used for protection on journeys, especially those who travel on water.  Affects etheric and mental levels.

Helps stabilize and harmonize unsettled surroundings.  Helps reduce fears.  Has an affinity with sensitive and mystical people.  Increases creativity and sharpens intuition. Excellent stone for meditation.  Helps one attune to nature.  Quiets the mind and reduces stress.  Helps bring about a tolerance toward others.  Recommended as a purifier of the throat and helps sore throats.  Clears blocked communication and aids the user in verbal expression.  This stone allows us to find our individuality and be ourselves.

 Large stone measuring 1″ to 1 1/4″.  Each stone is different and unique.

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