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Yellow Dock Tincture

Yellow Dock Tincture

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Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus) is an herb that purifies the blood.  It has compounds called anthraquinone glycosides that stimulate bile production, aiding digestion and cleansing the liver.  Some herbalists believe that chronic skin problems like acne improve with long-term use of yellow dock.  Caution:  Don’t take yellow dock if you have kidney stones.  2 ounce tincture.


In Western herbalism, the root is often used for treating anemia, due to its high level of iron.  The plant will help with skin conditions if taken internally or applied externally to itching skin, scrofula and sores.  Some studies show that certain anthroquinones can help stop or slow cancer growth, but this may or may not apply to the ones in yellow dock.


Yellow dock is part of the homeopathic pharmacopeia.  It is used mainly for respiratory conditions, specifically those with a tickling cough that is worse when exposed to cold air.  It mentions also passing pains, excessive itching, and that it helps enlarged lymphs.



Single herb tinctures created to treat specific ailments!  Recommended to patients for treating all types of conditions, these herbs are proportionally measured and formulated for a wide variety of syndromes.  These Organic and Wild-crafted herbs are decocted in alcohol for better disbursement.  They are made into liquid tinctures to be taken in water or under the tongue.  Choose from our large and unique selection cultivated and decocted in small batches to ensure freshness.



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