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Oak Skin Care For Men - GARDEN PALACE™

Oak Skin Care For Men - GARDEN PALACE™

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Complete Full Body Skincare System For Men

“A man for all seasons”


Oak, is the brand new skin care line formulated for men by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac.


This easy 4 step system is done in one morning routine.  Created from the finest ~ all natural botanical ingredients and essential oils,  Andrew has formulated a product representing each season and a simple way to care for male skin as we gracefully age.


Winter Frost Shampoo & Body Wash:   Step 1:  This all-in-one shampoo and body wash is a one step process from head to toe.  This great product incorporates a gentle gel wash with cooling peppermint and comforting sage.  This is a brisk, overall body experience.


Summer Seas Stimulating Shave Gel:    Step 2:  Lather up with this INTENSE shave gel made with camphor and menthol to increase blood circulation to the face, soothe “razor drag” and regenerate new skin cells.  It’s like hitting the cool waves on a hot summer day.


Fall Forest Face & Body Myst:   Step 3:  After your intense shave, close your pores with this gentle astringent by spraying this over face and body.  This overall body spray has a masculine scent of a Canadian forest with essential oils of towering cedarwood and aged pine.


Spring Fling:   Step 4:  Finish up with this light moisturizing cream for both face and body.  A little goes a long way. Massage this combination of calcium rich pearl cream, vitamin E, and calendula across your face and down your body.  This is a soothing, softening, and “awakening” of fresh, replenished moisture, like Spring rain.


Set of 4 Body Care Products for Men including :


4 ounce Winter Frost
4 ounce Fall Forest
2 ounce Spring Fling
2 ounce Summer Seas


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