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Happiness Supplement Pack for SAD - GARDEN PALACE™

Happiness Supplement Pack for SAD - GARDEN PALACE™

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For treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


L-Tyrosine vitamin B, 5HTP, Vitamin C, & Melatonin


This powerful combination of supplements can be taken together, as directed for treating signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder or (SAD). Try this pack for 30-60 days for best results.


Buy them in this “Happiness Pak” for extra savings!



*L-Tyrosine is essential for alleviating stress by boosting production of adrenaline. It also raises dopamine levels which influence moods. (Do not take if you are taking an MAO inhibitor drug.)


*It should be taken on an empty stomach with 50 mgs Vitamin B complex and 100-500 mgs of Vitamin C for better absorption.


*5HTP is often used in the place of SSRI drugs and L-Tryptophan and may help in serotonin deficiency related conditions such as severe depression, epilepsy, anxiety, insomnia, weight loss and addiction.


*Low doses of melatonin seem to help many people by regulating balance in the body.

Best taken at bedtime.

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