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Charoite Tumblestone

Charoite Tumblestone

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The stone of transformation.  Charoite helps seeing old patterns with new possibilities.   It is believed to open the heart, allow inspiration, encourage service, and grants us the ability for seeing more clearly (mentally, physically, psychically).  It is believed that this stone brings about faster healing.  Some find it useful for entity release work.  Most effective on the upper centers of energy, which are the Heart, Brow and Crown Chakra to transmute/lift us out of troubled or stuck emotions and most of all, fear.  This brings about vibrational change and therefore stimulates the Aura.  Use this stone for transforming negative energies into acceptance.  Use Charoite to assist in the foresight and ability to improve your intuitive vision.


Large stone measuring 1″ to 1 1/4″.   Each stone is different and unique.


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