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Burdock Tincture

Burdock Tincture

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Burdock  (Arctium lappa)  is a tonic herb and has been used in the treatment of skin conditions.  Burdock is an herb that boosts immunity and purifies the blood.   It’s a traditional liver tonic and a mild, natural diuretic.  Burdock’s laxative and diuretic properties help remove toxins from the system.   Chinese Medicine utilize it against tumors, inflammation, fungal and bacterial infections.  It is often recommended for dry, scaly skin.  Burdock root tincture may be taken as directed per day.   2 ounce tincture.




Single herb tinctures created to treat specific ailments!  Recommended to his patients for treating all types of conditions,  these herbs are proportionally measured and formulated for a wide variety of syndromes.  These Organic and Wild-crafted herbs are decocted in alcohol for better disbursement.  They are made into liquid tinctures to be taken in water or under the tongue.  Choose from our large and unique selection cultivated and decocted in small batches to ensure freshness.



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