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“Bring Money” Resin Incense - GARDEN PALACE™

“Bring Money” Resin Incense - GARDEN PALACE™

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Use the power of scent to stimulate your mind and bring awareness to the power of money. As you are able to truly conceive of more, more will come into your life. Visualization is a brilliant tool. Meditate on your abundance by using incense as a trigger for self belief, self encouragement and motivation in order to make and bring in more money!


Money Resin Incense 2 oz. package plus charcoal


Helpful for bringing about a clear head, open mindedness and clear vision. For issues associated with nervousness, foggy thinking, cloudy mental experiences. Includes Ginkgo Biloba, Gota Kola, Alfalfa. Money Tree, Clove and Eucalyptus.


Developed from ancient recipes, these aromatic incense stimulate the olfactory nerve, encouraging the power of scent to work on an emotional level associating smell with behavioral modification. These incredible incense start with a base of resin granules. We then add a mixture of herbs and essential oils for each specific sign. Resin granules are burned using incense charcoal.


Light your charcoal and drop a few granules of resin on the charcoal. It will begin to smolder, releasing the intense fragrance of these fine resin granules. Resin incense are a pure form of incense since it is not diluted by a burning base or fixatives typical in man-made sticks or cone incense. I use only organic herbs, resins, flowers and essential oils in the creation of these empowering incense.



**FREE CHARCOAL DISCS** with each incense purchase!!


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