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Blue Aventurine Tumblestone

Blue Aventurine Tumblestone

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This beautiful, shimmering stone has an affinity to both the Throat Chakra for stimulating communication and self-expression as well as a connection to the Third Eye Chakra.  Its deep blue connects our “indigo path” by way of our intuition.  It stimulates our psychic wisdom by revealing what it is, “we already know”.   All we have to do is pay attention!


A member of the quartz family, Aventurine, (SiO2) is a blue chalcedony that contains small inclusions of one of several shiny minerals which give the stone a glistening effect.  The glistening effect of Aventurine is known as aventurescence.  The color of the aventurescence depends on the mineral included in the stone.  Mica inclusions give the give the stone a yellowish or silverish glitter or sheen.  Goethite and Hematite inclusions give the stone a reddish or grayish glitter or sheen.  Fuschite inclusions give the stone a greenish sheen.  This variety of muscovite mica also gives blue aventurine its color.


Large stone measuring 1″ to 1 1/4″.   Each stone is different and unique.


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