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Blood Pressure Herbal Tea Bags

Blood Pressure Herbal Tea Bags

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We have taken some of our most popular teas, blended them and put them into easy to use tea bags.


Blood Pressure Tea–  Controlling blood pressure is imperative for a healthy heart and arteries.  This amazing blend of herbs has been shown to reduce blood pressure over time.  The most natural way to go!

Diabetic-Care Tea–  This is a no caffeine, all-natural blend of Chinese herbs containing most notably, Gymnema Sylvestre.  This formula is famous for treating diabetes.

Dietary Green Tea–  This is a rich blend of tender green tea leaves.  This powerful tea is especially delightful for those desiring to adjust their weight.  (Of course, this must be used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise regime).

Stress Relief Tea– Stress relief in a cup.  This comforting blend of chamomile flowers, rosehips and passion flower are the perfect blend to take the edge off.  Especially when a calming few moments is required!


Our Aromathera-Teas  in herbal tea bags come wrapped in packets of 20


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