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3" Selenite heart , Angel Wings - GARDEN PALACE™

3" Selenite heart , Angel Wings - GARDEN PALACE™

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Selenite heart with an elegantly carved set of Angel wings on one side and a smooth surface on the other. This piece will help you feel angelically watched over and guided, when you hold it in your hands and in your heart.


Selenite is a high vibrational stone that helps with protection, good luck, and it can clean, clear and open all chakras. Will charge other stones and crystals around it and help keep you grounded and calm. 


This selenite heart is a powerful tool for spiritual and physical cleansing, capable of filling any space with a replenishing and calming energy. Place it near your bed or workspace to be protected and uplifted by its powerful properties.

Another great gift idea for your Divine Counterpart on Valentines' Day! ❤️


3" wide Selenite heart.  Sizes, shapes, and natural lines and inclusions may occur.

*Do not get wet as it may cause it to breakdown. Use Sage to cleanse it, or a little sunlight.


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